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Hailing from Liverpool, in England's Northwest.
After a career in the graphic design industry I started as a freelance photographer in 2007. During that time mostly focusing on Interiors and Architecture, but also taking on mixed commercial work.

Available for commissions throughout all of Europe, especially the UK, Ireland and Spain. Primarily working digitally these days, I also have a background with film, using it for commercial as well as personal projects over the years.

Currently also a visiting lecturer in photography at the University of Chester, 3 years so far.


To all my clients, a massive thank you. Without your belief in and appreciation of my work, I wouldn't be where I am now.

Liverpool Mutual Homes
Stride Studio, Chester
Harrison Collier Kitchens
Horton and Co. Interior Design
Gail Marsden Interior Design
Lewis Knox Interior Design
SO Design Interiors
John McCall Architects
Snook Architects
Illiad Group
Ma Egertons, Liverpool
Ma Boyles, Liverpool
Bock, Manchester
Baa Bar
Community Gateway, Preston
Liverpool Vision
Cross Foxes, Dolgellau
Tom Wood (without who I wouldn't have the eye I do now. 17 years of scans and book layouts for Stiedl, have been a total pleasure my friend)


Mostly now using a Sony A7r combined with the ubiquitous Canon 24mm TS-e II and Pentax 645 lenses with a shift adapter. But also a 5dmkII, 6D and various non shift Canon glass. Hitech and Lee Filters. Bowens & Godox lights. Various bits and bobs. Gaffer tape. A bunch of bags. Manfrotto 410 geared head and a trusty old 055mf3 carbon tripod. Apple Macs and Adobe software.

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